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Escape Rooms West Midlands

The best escape room experience in the West Midlands.

Escape Room Games with Exciting Games

The escape room games we offer at Exciting Game in the West Midlands offer you the chance to solve challenging puzzles, find clues, and to explore some of the best themed locked rooms. The aim is to have a fun time with friends, family, or colleagues. We offer three rooms for our escape games, so you are sure to find one you enjoy. From scary escape rooms to adventure rooms, we have it all.

UK Escape room games are like stepping inside a movie where you and your team are the heroes of the story. With our Birmingham Escape Rooms you won’t need any pre-knowledge to escape the room; you’ll only need your wits and to be ready to have fun.

Room escape games are perfect to create valuable memories with your friends and family. Exciting Game experiences will get your heart pounding while saving the world from an evil cult or stealing a diamond as your race against the clock.

We offer three highly rated escape room games. Whether you are just after some light-hearted fun with the family or want to be scared out of your socks in our horror-themed escape game, we have something to offer to your team.

The Escape Games we offer in the West Midlands

New Game !

Fun House horror escape room birmingham

Fun House

Mr Crimson was the owner of a sought-after fun house in a small town. His fun house was like no other. It put the player’s skills and wit to the test. He built this place for his son, whom he loved very much. His wife was a wonderful woman too. They were just a lovely family.

Mr Crimson was the happiest man, and his fun house was the happiest place you could ever visit. Until… The family went on a trip in late August. Only Mr Crimson returned. His wife and son passed away in a car accident.

Mr Crimson was not the same anymore. He not only lost his family, but he lost his soul too.

He started to collect haunted toys and ornaments to bring his family back from the dead. Something changed about the Fun House too. It became a cold, dark place.

Strange things started happening. Those who entered the Fun House were never seen again. Nor was Mr Crimson…

Do you have what it takes to get out? Call our team today for escape games in the West Midlands and the surrounding areas.

Prison Punk 2077 Escape Game

Prison Punk 2077

Will you complete the prison break in this steampunk-inspired post-apocalyptic escape room?

The year is 2077. You are a group of freedom fighters leading the rebellion against a dictatorial government, and you have been captured and locked up.

Your fellow rebels are helping you from the outside, but you must also do your part from the inside. You have a 60-minute window to set yourselves free. It’s an amazing escape room experience, solve puzzles and break free.

royal heist academy game


It is your final year at the Royal Heist Academy.

Today is your final exam.

To pass it, you must steal the world’s most valuable crown from a highly protected bank, pretty simple, as long as you’ve remembered your class work and team-building, both of which are vital to achieving a good grade.

The time you have been given by the exam board is an hour, meaning you have that time to retrieve the crown or your submitted result will be a fail. Oh, and don’t forget about the other jewels you can find along the way. The crown is mandatory in order to pass, but gaining the other valuables will prove to me that you are worthy of a top of the class grade.

royal heist academy game

Exciting Game

from as low as
£ 17
per person
  • 2 players -> £26 / person
  • 3 players -> £23 / person
  • 4 players -> £20 / person
  • 5 players -> £19 / person
  • 6 players -> £17.50 / person
  • 7 players -> £17.50 / person
  • 8 players -> £17.00 / person


Escape games are like stepping inside a movie where you are the characters. With multiple rooms to choose from, you can live out a range of fantasies and test your problem-solving skills as you solve puzzles. Our Escape Rooms in Birmingham are great for corporate events and team-building days in Birmingham or an enjoyable day for family and friends.

Our escape rooms are designed to offer you an experience to remember! We put a lot of effort into our escape games and design them, so you have a great time. For Escape Rooms In West Midlands, contact us today.

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Don't just take Our word for it

Read what our customers say

Based on 477 reviews
Amani Akram
Amani Akram
Sarah made this experience the best ever! I will definitely be returning to try another room.
Becky Tymo
Becky Tymo
The girl who greeted us was great, really upbeat and fun. We then succeeded in completing all the puzzles in just under a hour. Three adults and three children. The puzzles were tricky and provided a great challenge. Would recommend to all.
Jim Brennan
Jim Brennan
Great room , very challenging, lots of variety, Sarah was very enthusiastic!
Kieran Greenway
Kieran Greenway
Really amazing experience fully recommend going staff polite and friendly real good fun
My family and I had the best time doing the Fun House escape room. Thank you to all the staff who made our experience so fun, I would highly recommend their games and we will definitely be going back for more.
Nailah I
Nailah I
First time doing an escape room and it was the best experience! Thank you to our host Sarah, you were amazing. Will definitely be coming back!
Romualdas Stupelis
Romualdas Stupelis
Interesting and challenging. very friendly staff.
Sara Ali
Sara Ali
I had the best experience doing the fun house escape room, it was so good and the whole concept was amazing. Our lovely host Sarah was so welcoming and made our experience even better.


Wear something comfortable! That’s the key. Escape games are about having fun, so making sure your clothes allow you to move around and feel comfortable is a big help when trying to solve the puzzles. Escape rooms are not too physical, so casual clothes will be fine.

You will encounter a ton of different styles of thematic clues and puzzles. You’ll be breaking codes, finding keys, solving riddles, and much more. The main idea is to escape, so expect locks, codes, and much more to block your way.

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