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Prison Punk 2077

The year is 2077 . The world has been hit by a nuclear war . What remained was taken and ruled by the world’s elite . The people were forced to follow their rules for the sake of survival . They possessed all the food and water supplies . A handful of brave warriors started a rebellion against the UNWO . United New World Order . That’s what they named their dictatorial government . The rebellion kept growing over the years . Salvation was within arm’s reach. Then the leaders of this movement were captured and locked away by the agents of the UNWO . The rebellion slowly began to fall apart. We have decided to help the leaders escape but it is on them whether they succeed or not . They are brilliant minds and they have all the skills to set themselves free. We have crafted an escape plan for them . They have an hour window to complete their part. Let’s hope they make it for the sake of our freedom .

We have three levels of difficulty for you to choose from: