Royal Heist Academy
Royal Heist Academy Escape room

Multiple Objectives

Main objective and optional missions

It is your final year at the Royal Heist Academy.

I’m sure you’ve all dedicated time to preparing for this final exam, which will be marked based on your success.

But, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention for the past five years, I will explain your mission for today.

To pass this exam, you must steal the world’s most valuable crown from a highly protected bank, pretty simple, as long as you’ve remembered your class work and team-building, both of which are vital to achieving a good grade.

In your first year of studies, we discussed night robbing. Basic heist knowledge that you should be familiar with.
The guards inside this particular bank will be completing rounds within the building.
To help you, I have arranged an alert to be delivered to you whenever security is close by.

The time you have been given by the exam board is an hour, meaning you have that time to retrieve the crown or your submitted result will be a fail. Oh, and don’t forget about the other jewels you can find along the way. The crown is mandatory in order to pass, but gaining the other valuables will prove to me that you are worthy of a top of the class grade.


You will acquire a certificate based on how well you did.


More brains,

Less stress...


60 Min
Average escape time is 58 minutes.

But not every team has what it takes to get out...

Age limit

Everyone under the age of 16 needs at least 1 adult in the room!



from as low as
£ 17
per person
  • 2 players = £52
  • 3 players = £69
  • 4 players = £80
  • 5 player = £95
  • 6 players = £105
  • 7 players = £122.50

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