welcome to the world of Exciting games

Who are we ?

We are  a team of escape room enthusiast so we understand what you are looking for in your next challenge . We have been in the industry for 5 years , constantly developing our games and our skills to be able to provide an exciting escape . We have an in-house team responsible for developing and creating our games as well as an on-site maintenance team to ensure every session is as perfect as the previous one . 

We are a small family run business which we are very proud of . Our small yet very skilled team have spent thousands of hours working towards one goal . Creating unique , one of a kind escape room games. 

We try to make every experience as personal as it is possible in the short amount of time you spend with us . We welcome you to our premises with a huge smile on our faces hoping you’d have a great time just like we do running your games. 

How are we unique ?

We try to incorporate special little elements into our games to ensure there are moments during your session , you will never forget . For instance , have you ever had to hide to avoid time penalty in an escape room ? No ?  I thought so . 🙂

Have you ever had to interact with an NPC ( non-player character ) or had to stay perfectly still to avoid upsetting a monster . These are just a few of the special moments we have added to our experiences to enhance the immersion . 

We create our games in-house . I mean from scratch . We don’t often purchase any pre-made props . We make them ! As you can imagine the process is very time consuming  but it’s all worth the struggle when we can create those “WOW ! I have never seen this before ! ” moments . 

Yes , obviously , our staff is fully trained . But they are just as enthusiastic about our games and experiences as you or I . The management tries to attend as many sessions as possible . We like to be a perty of your special day out . We have met so many super human beings I have lost count . Always try to remember the names though . 🙂

So if you are in for an experience that is not only there to generate profit for the business ( obviously it’s part of it 😀 ) but one that is filled with human kindness and interaction , please visit us . 

To sum it up ...

Exciting Game is a live escape room venue in Birmingham . We are near the Jewellery Quarter , located on Great Hampton Street. We operate 3 different escape room games with immersive theming and live elements. Our games are the perfect choice if you are looking for a fun day out or you are celebrating a special occasion . We have hundreds and hundreds of brilliant reviews on TripAdvisor , Facebook and Google. We are always keen to provide the best possible experience for our customers. Come and try one of our escape rooms ! You won’t be disappointed 

Why choose us when you crave an adventure ?

We are unique !

We engage !

We entertain !

We are Exciting !