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Escape Games As Fun Team Building Activities In Birmingham

A team-building event can help your company to create team spirit, better team communication and help build confidence within the workplace. Our team building events in Birmingham offer corporate events to help establish a better workplace culture. Solve puzzles, find clues, and try to escape the room in under an hour! Can your team do it?

Escape room games are like stepping inside a movie where you and your team are the heroes of the story. At Exciting Game Birmingham you won’t need any pre-knowledge to escape the room, you’ll only need your wits and to be ready to have fun.

Room escape games are perfect to create valuable memories with your friends and family. Exciting Game experiences will get your heart pounding while saving the world from an evil cult or stealing a diamond as your race against the clock.

We offer three highly rated escape room games. Whether you are just after some light hearted fun with the family or want to be scared out of your socks in our scary escape game Birmingham, we have something to offer to your team.

Our Escape Rooms For Your Corporate Event

New Game !

Fun House horror escape room birmingham

Fun House

Mr Crimson was the owner of a sought-after fun house in a small town. His fun house was like no other. It put the player’s skills and wit to the test. He built this place for his son, whom he loved very much. His wife was a wonderful woman too. They were just a lovely family.

Mr Crimson was the happiest man, and his fun house was the happiest place you could ever visit. Until… The family went on a trip in late August. Only Mr Crimson returned. His wife and son passed away in a car accident.

Mr Crimson was not the same anymore. He not only lost his family, but he lost his soul too.

He started to collect haunted toys and ornaments to bring his family back from the dead. Something changed about the Fun House too. It became a cold, dark place.

Strange things started happening. Those who entered the Fun House were never seen again. Nor was Mr Crimson…

Do you have what it takes to get out? Call our team today for escape rooms in the West Midlands and the surrounding areas.

Prison Punk 2077 Escape Game

Prison Punk 2077

Will you complete the prison break in this steampunk-inspired post-apocalyptic escape room?

The year is 2077. You are a group of freedom fighters leading the rebellion against a dictatorial government, and you have been captured and locked up.

Your fellow rebels are helping you from the outside, but you must also do your part from the inside. You have a 60-minute window to set yourselves free. It’s an amazing escape room experience, solve puzzles and break free.

Project: Diamond escape room game

Project : Diamond

You are a team of professional thieves. You have received information about a huge and rare diamond situated in a wealthy family’s holiday home. You’ve found the house and evaded the security guard, but it is not easy to find the diamond within the house.

You have only one hour to complete the mission because the owner will arrive home one hour later. During this limited time, you need to be careful, because the security guard might check the room where you are expecting to find the diamond, so you need to hide yourselves when you can hear his steps!

Project: Diamond escape room game


from as low as
£ 13 per person
  • 2 players = £50
  • 3 players = £60
  • 4 players = £68
  • 5 player = £80
  • 6 players = £84
  • 7 players = £91 ( Fun House only)


Coming up with an exciting team-building activity can be challenging, but good team-building ideas can help a company to thrive. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure that you have team-building challenges that help a team reach its potential. If you want exciting team-building activities in Birmingham provided by experts who can make sure your day runs smoothly, then look no further.

Our escape rooms offer your team the ability to have fun whilst learning to work better as a team. Without teamwork, you won’t escape our amazing escape rooms, so your team has to learn to work together and think quickly if they want to escape. Our professional host will walk you through the team-building event to make sure you all understand the task and are ready to have fun. So for Birmingham team-building activities, call us today.


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Bella Beatrice
Bella Beatrice
I went for a birthday party here and it was definitely some of the most fun I had. Although in the group picture, the group name was spelt incorrectly (which is understandable so it's alright 😂), the host was grea lt and the atmosphere inside the room with the music really made it more fun. I personally recommend doing the Project: The Diamond if you don't have much experience or knowledge with escape room. Thank you very much to the host for giving us an amazing experience. 🙂
Danielle Whitlock
Danielle Whitlock
Great fun, very intriguing would definitely come back. Staff are lovely
Andreas Wright
Andreas Wright
Fantastic experience. We went for out first escape room experience here together as a couple and it was fantastic. Really well thought out and tough but fair. We nearly made it out and can't wait to go back.
Dan Thurston
Dan Thurston
Fantastic escape rooms, really passionate and friendly GM, overall we had a great time in both the rooms we’ve done, we will definitely be back, thank you!!


Yes! You can’t escape an escape room without working as a team. Many companies take their workers to our escape rooms over hiring out traditional conference venues, or other corporate events, as these types of team challenges encourage team building in an environment that doesn’t feel like it’s about their work. They can escape from the office whilst learning skills that can still be used in the office. Our exciting game options offer the best solution to team building in Birmingham.

Call us today to book indoor team-building activities.

Normally, they house about 6 people. When we have companies or groups larger than that, we often suggest doing two or more rooms at the same time to see which group can escape first to see who is the winning team. It helps you to have a bit of friendly competition as well.

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