Frequently Asked Questions

Only 2 players?

No problem! If you like the challenge, our rooms are still doable. You might need more hints though.

The age limit is 8 unless otherwise stated on the booking page of the chosen game. However the recommended age is 13 due to the difficulty of the rooms.

Children between 13-15, parental supervision is required.

Players over 15 years of age can play the game without any supervision.

We need 30 minutes between the games to set up the room for the next session.

Please, arrive on time for the start of your slot!

We do not have any designated parking spaces in our Birmingham Escape Rooms, but there are parking facilities close to us. We will inform you about them in the confirmation email.

We have had some claustrophobic players who enjoyed the game without issue.

If the team wants to keep the door open, it is possible. There are emergency buttons and envelopes in the rooms , so if needed you can leave anytime.

You can play our Project: the Diamond room and Broken Time room but we do not recommend the Dawn of Hell room as it’s a scary one.