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How Do Online Escape Rooms Work?

If you’re a fan of escape rooms, you’re probably wondering how online versions of the classic game work. Luckily, in this blog, we’ll dive deep into how virtual escape room games work. Let’s get into it.

So, How Does a Virtual Escape Room Work?

Online escape rooms work in much the same way as a physical escape room; they require players to solve a range of puzzles, find clues, and complete riddles to progress through each level and escape the room. However, the main difference is that they are played online, and the puzzles, clues, and riddles must be solved within the time limit.

Virtual escape rooms occur on online meeting platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams or are contained in a link sent via email. Your team will have to load the game and proceed to follow the instructions that pop up on the screen. Furthermore, you’ll have to use the meeting platforms to communicate, so prior to the game, we recommend checking that they’re working correctly. The online game master will then instruct you on what to do next. Just sit back and let the fun begin!

Here at Exciting Game, our wide range of online escape room games are efficient and easy to use. Once you have purchased your game, it will be sent to your email inbox. Simply open up the game to play online.

One purchase will allow six devices to access the game, and once you’re in, you’ll have a 360 view of your teammates solving puzzles in real time! To chat with each other, use Zoom or Messenger. This allows you and your team can enjoy the ease of access that comes with using these apps.

Benefits of Virtual Escape Games

What Are The Benefits of Virtual Escape Games?

Virtual escape games offer a wide range of benefits for players. Let’s take a look at them:


With virtual escape rooms, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office. You can just log on from anywhere and play. Plus, with one purchase, up to six people can join in the fun!


As escape rooms online are typically cheaper than physical games, they’re a great option if you’re on a budget. Looking for a fun evening with friends? No problem. Invite them over, and you can work together on the same escape game. Or if you live far away from each other, you can all still solve puzzles together for an affordable cost. They’re an excellent way to spend time with friends without breaking the bank!


Virtual escape games are just as exciting and immersive as physical ones, if not more. Digital escape rooms are filled with excitement, twists, and turns you won’t see coming!


From horror to fantasy, you can pick any theme you want. This ensures that your team can enjoy the variety that comes with escape rooms. Crack codes, solve puzzles and work together in numerous different rooms.


Another added bonus is that online escape rooms are very accessible. You don’t have to worry about physical restrictions or challenges that may make it difficult for some people to enjoy an in-person game. The way virtual escape rooms work is that they’re based online, so you can be anywhere in the world and still take part.

Mentally Stimulating

Finally, they’re a great way to train your problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged so that you can get creative and stimulate your brain. Plus, they’re a great way to have fun together as a team and work on those communication skills!

The Booking Process

When it comes to booking an online escape room with Exciting Game, the process is simple. All you have to do is select the game you want to play, click ‘Buy Now’, and you’ll be taken to the checkout.

From here, you can purchase the game and it will be delivered to your email inbox. You’ll be able to access the game by clicking the link. Then you’re ready to get started!

How Long Does an Escape Room Take?

Typically, all escape rooms last an hour, but this may vary depending on the difficulty of the puzzles and the number of people playing. Some escape rooms may take more than an hour to complete, while others can be completed in less time.

If you have concerns about the difficulty of a room or require any advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as give you tips on which online escape room would work best for you!

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Top Tips For Solving Virtual Escape Rooms

1. Read all clues carefully. It is essential to look out for hints and patterns that could help you solve the puzzles. Sometimes these are hidden in places you’d least expect.

2. Make sure to think outside the box when it comes to problem-solving. Challenge your normal way of thinking and try to view problems from a different perspective.

3. Take your time, don’t rush! Rushing through the game can lead to mistakes or missed crucial information. This applies to real-life rooms as well as virtual rooms.

4. If you’re stuck on a puzzle, take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes. You never know how much of a difference a break can make.

5. Work together! Communication is key when it comes to figuring out puzzles in an escape room. If you don’t talk things through with your team, you’re likely to miss out on solving different puzzles.

6. Don’t forget to have fun! Remember that the goal of an escape room is not just to solve the puzzles but to enjoy working with your team! After all, it is about the experience, not the end result.

We hope that this blog has been helpful to you when it comes to learning more about online escape rooms. If you’re ready to take on an exciting virtual adventure, check out our wide range of online escape rooms here and find your perfect challenge! Good luck!  Enjoy the journey!

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Virtual Escape Rooms FAQs:

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about virtual escape rooms below:

What is a virtual escape room?

A virtual escape room is a type of escape room that takes place online on platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The aim is to break out of the room within an hour; this is usually done by solving a range of puzzles and working together.

How do you solve an online escape room?

To solve an online escape room, you’ll want to solve all the puzzles until you reach the exit. Often, the puzzles will be in order, and after completion, you’ll be informed of your time and progress throughout the game.

Can you play escape rooms online?

Yes! Escape rooms online are a popular way to experience the fun and challenge of traditional escape rooms. Many websites offer online versions of popular escape room games, allowing you to play alone or with friends from anywhere in the world. Online escape rooms often feature unique storylines and mysteries that need to be solved using logic, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Do escape rooms take your phone?

This will depend on the escape room you’re attending. Many escape rooms do not allow you to use your phone during the game and will ask that you store it in a safe place. However, some escape rooms may be more lenient and allow phones to take photos or videos for social media purposes. It is best to check with the venue before attending an escape room in order to know what their policies are. However, if you’re playing online, you’ll typically be allowed to have your phone with you.

Is 2 enough for an escape room?

Yes, two people can usually complete an escape room. However, there are usually one or more rooms that may require more than two people to solve them. If you’re wondering about game size, you can usually find the minimum and maximum number of players allowed for each game on the escape room’s website. This is the same for a remote team playing a zoom escape room, as to complete challenges successfully, you’ll need a set amount of players.

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