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Best Online Escape Rooms

In recent years, escape rooms have really carved a niche for themselves as one of the top growing entertainments in the UK. Among the vast offerings, Exciting Game is firmly establishing its name – building a strong name in both virtual and physical escape rooms. Drawing upon our own expertise, we’ve crafted a list of the best online escape rooms today, which offer experiences that captivate the mind and kindle the spirit of adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, dive into this guide to discover the world of digital escapism.

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Understanding Online Escape Rooms

Virtual escape rooms are interactive digital puzzles, often themed, meant to test analytical skills and teamwork. While the traditional escape rooms need physical presence, the online versions bring challenges virtually, maintaining the core essence of racing against time.

Top Virtual Escape Rooms

Choosing the best online escape games can be overwhelming, with numerous options available. The top escape room games online captivate users with challenging puzzles, compelling storylines, and interactive interfaces.

Escape Experience

The Escape Experience online escape room captures the power of cutting-edge full-motion video (FMV) technology. Within this virtual escape room, players can deftly control their character’s hand movements, delve deep into mysteries from various points of view, and interact with intricate puzzles. The real-time visibility of each participant’s mouse actions reinforces a genuine sense of collaboration, while the option to connect via any video chat platform enhances the teamwork experience. From gaining ‘Star Points’ for crucial achievements to integrating objects into the gameplay, ‘Escape Experience’ has merged traditional escape room elements with the innovations of the virtual world, ensuring a thrilling and memorable escape.

Learn more on Escape Experience here


Choose Confundrum to face the nefarious pirate Blackbeard and attempt an audacious escape from his clutches within a gripping 60-minute countdown. Alternatively, experience the eerie Twisted Woods where a simple car breakdown near an abandoned cabin transforms into a chilling race against time, as you unearth unsettling secrets and strive for escape. Both adventures promise edge-of-your-seat excitement, testing your wit and nerve in equal measure.

Learn more on Confundrum here

Trapped in the Web

Trapped in the Web offers a diverse range of themed rooms – from the intriguing Cabin Fever to the nostalgic School’s Out, each with its own set difficulty level. If you’re new to the experience or have younger team members, it might be wise to start with one of the less challenging rooms. Once you’ve acclimatised, you can then delve into the more advanced rooms that await your problem-solving prowess.

Learn more on Trapped in the Web here

Alone Together – Enchambered

In Lucky Heist, race against time to outsmart a leprechaun’s intricate contraptions and claim his gold. Navigate the intrigue of Sacramento in The Capital Puzzle, a tribute to the city’s iconic State Capital building. Solve the Hidden Symbol Puzzle, where a simple peg grid holds the key to your freedom. In The Puzzle of the Mystery Box, uncover the secrets of a peculiar study, where a coded box might just reveal the escape key. Dare to enter Enchambered’s virtual realms and pit your wits against their enigmatic challenges? More games also available.

Learn more on Ennchambered here


In Escape the Basement, discover an eerily abandoned house and work with your team to decipher clues and unlock a safety elevator. In the tropical Escape the Desert Island, after an unexpected twist, rally together to activate an escape raft using hidden codes. Meanwhile, in Destination Unknown, embark on an exhilarating global quest as budding secret agents, unravelling mysteries to locate a concealed headquarters.

Learn more on Escapely here.

Exciting Game

Lose yourself in a choice of riveting online escape room experiences from us here at Exciting Game – designed to challenge and captivate players. From the comfort of your home, get lost in immersive 3D storylines, ranging from retrieving ancient artefacts to escaping haunted settings. Each purchase facilitates multiple device connections, ensuring cost-effective group participation. Notable games include The Sword of Drakul, The Alp, and Detention. Exceptional quality and intriguing narratives set our games apart from standard offerings.

Learn more on Exciting Game here

Breakout IQ

Experience The Entertainer’s Escape – a thrilling online challenge that melds music videos, virtual hunts, and enigmatic riddles to test your mettle and teamwork. The plot thickens as The Artist’s Alliance needs your assistance to thwart a group of resentful entertainers planning to auction a prized artifact, The Masterpiece. Can your team outwit them and reclaim the treasured piece before it’s too late?

Learn more on Breakout IQ here

Weve – Space Escape

Join your crew on a pivotal mission to Mars, navigating through intricate spaceship puzzles. With multiple rooms to tackle simultaneously, players can split tasks based on their unique strengths, be it wordplay, logic, or maths. It all culminates in a final collaborative challenge – can your team combine their gathered clues to successfully touch down on the Martian surface?

Learn more on Weve here


Embark on heart-pounding adventures with Wildgoose’s virtual escape rooms. Work your way through the undead-riddled streets of New York, or prove your innocence by outsmarting an art heist frame-up. Brave the frosty challenges of an Arctic rescue, or dive into festive fun by ensuring Christmas remains jolly and bright. Each escape challenge is a thrilling race against time, packed with clever codes and tantalising teasers. Will you rise to the challenge?

Learn more on Wildgoose here

CSI: Christmas Scene Investigation

As part of Santa’s elite detective unit, you’re tasked with unravelling the mystery of the stolen Naughty and Nice list before Christmas Eve. Get involved in this yuletide challenge and pinpoint which cheeky elf is destined for the Naughty List. Will you solve the clues in time?

Learn more on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation here

Black Noir Escape

Step into the shoes of Private Investigator Mr Jones with your team, and work your way through a web of puzzles and interrogations prompted by an enigmatic letter. Set against the backdrop of New York City’s gangster era, journey through unique crime scenes across the metropolis. Time is of the essence to catch the culprit before another strike.

Learn more on Black Noir Escape here

Grand Theft Escape

Ralph Gautheri of the National Bank sets a thrilling wager for William P Fogg. Facing off against an inventive local with a groundbreaking gadget, you and your team must navigate Grand Theft Escape. Experience a mesmerising fictional realm, uniting your minds to crack intricate puzzles and emerge victorious in this captivating online escape challenge.

Learn more Grand Theft Escape here

The Redemption Games

Selected by The Capital for the Tribute Games due to defiance, your sole route to survival is mastering the redemption challenges. Navigate mind-bending obstacles, testing your wit against the Capital’s snares. Choose to tackle the game solo or bring an ally—or rival. Ultimately, strive to dismantle authoritarian dominance and emerge as the people’s champion.

Learn more on The Redemption Games here


Embark on a journey through the Nautilus ship, assist Mr. Tesla with his groundbreaking inventions, or delve into the lair of the infamous Miss Jezebel – all from the comfort of your home. Gone are the days when fighting world domination required leaving the house – now, it’s effortlessly within reach.

Learn more on 60out here

Luco Online Escape Rooms

In Basements & Barbarians, it’s 1984 and you’re plunged into a mystery in Jimmy’s basement – racing against time to find your missing Catacomb Master amidst nostalgic surroundings. Hansel & Gretel draws you into a sinister riddle in the depths of the Black Forest, where you must decipher a harrowing scene to avoid blame. Meanwhile, at the “Monster Hunters Academy”, as fledgeling monster hunters, you’re entrusted with a daring task to defeat a mythical beast within an hour, following a tragic event involving Professor Corso.

Learn more on Luco Games here

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

In this escape room, step into the shoes of John Wilkes Booth, a renowned actor and staunch Confederate sympathiser who views Abraham Lincoln as the nation’s core issue. Navigate through historical events and alternative scenarios on each page, solving puzzles to advance. To complete the game, you’ll need to trace the course of true history. Your choices determine the story’s direction.

Learn more on the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln game here

The Panic Room

Browse a broad range of online escape room experiences, including games such as Murder at the Manor, Pirate Blunder, Who Shot the Sheriff?, and more. Browse games ranging anywhere from £4.99 to £25.

Learn more on The Panic Room here

Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley

In The Oregon Trail Game: Journey to Willamette Valley, you embark on a perilous 1848 journey from Independence, MO to the West – navigating trails, rivers, forts, and towns. While aiming to retain as much money for your new life, you’ll face challenges like disease, starvation, and treacherous conditions. Balancing limited wagon space with vital supplies becomes crucial as you endure harsh winters and dwindling resources, forcing tough decisions about your family’s wellbeing.

Learn more on Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley here

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Discovering Free Online Escape Rooms

In today’s interconnected world, the charm of traditional escape rooms has evolved into the realm of virtual escape rooms. These digital platforms, often available as free online escape rooms, bring to our screens enthralling challenges and intricate stories, all without the need to step out of our homes. One of the most compelling features of these virtual experiences is the option to embark on an online escape room with friends. This communal venture, whether with acquaintances or family across miles, amplifies the thrill. Navigating through puzzles together not only tests collective wits but also strengthens bonds, merging the classic allure of escape rooms with the advantages of online connectivity.

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Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

In Hogwarts Digital Escape Room, you begin your journey by receiving the coveted Hogwarts letter and befriending a new friend. However, her sudden disappearance, linked to a deep secret, becomes the crux of your adventure. Navigate through 21 intricate puzzles combining narrative and problem-solving. Stuck? Our structured hint system is there to guide you, with solutions available as a last resort.

Learn more on Hogwarts Digital Escape Room here

Escape: The Midnight Express by Escape the Crate

Agents, a disturbance in the Civil War timeline linked to Abraham Lincoln has been detected. Your mission: Travel back to the night of 2nd February 1861 on a near-empty train from Pennsylvania to Baltimore. Can you discreetly navigate between carriages, gather clues about this timeline shift, and escape undetected on the Midnight Express?

Learn more on Escape: The Midnight Express here

Minecraft Escape Room

Escape Minecraft is a captivating online escape room game, perfect for dedicated Minecraft players. Presented as a 63-page PowerPoint, players tackle a series of puzzles, battling foes and constructing shelters. It’s not just about survival – the game also sharpens your maths, logic, and problem-solving skills through diverse challenges like mazes and matching tasks.

Learn more on Minecraft here

See Me Escape Rooms

See Me Escape Rooms, Simi Valley’s top escape room since 2017, boasts a range of thrilling experiences. Hamilton’s Hideaway offers a challenging historical dive into a Founding Father, while the Interrogation Room introduces newcomers to escape room adventures with its unique split start.

Learn more on See Me escape rooms here

Alone Together – Enchambered

Alone Together is a two-player puzzle game that challenges friends to crack intricate puzzles by communicating constantly. Success hinges on teamwork as players navigate gadgets and clues on separate devices. Whether side by side or continents apart, tackle this free online escape room via phone or video chat. Ready to test your collaborative skills?

Learn more on Alone Together here

Lockbox Escape Room

In Timeline, relive the ’80s and use a discovered time machine to rectify a catastrophic toxin attack instigated by a family project. CIA Taskforce sees you trapped in a mysterious room, racing against time to outwit “The Gamer”, a lethal assassin who views you as just another pawn in his deadly game. In Framed, your friend, wrongfully condemned for murder, faces execution. With a bomb ticking and a gas chamber set to activate, can you defuse the situation and save your friend? Check out these online escape room challenges and test your mettle. More games also available.

Learn more on Lockbox here

Ultra Mega Super Death Escape Room

Ultra Mega Super Death Escape Room is a digital, adults-only escape room that blends challenging puzzles with a light-hearted approach. Best enjoyed in groups, this free online game suggests using a timer and offers a single hint, alongside a solution guide for those truly perplexed moments.

Learn more on Ultra Mega Super Death here

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Tips For Excelling in Online Escape Rooms

Online escape rooms have become the thrilling adventure for many, merging the joy of problem-solving with the exhilaration of a ticking clock. Whether you’re a seasoned escape artist or a newbie, succeeding in these virtual rooms requires a blend of strategy, communication, and clear organisation. If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “How do you succeed in escape rooms?” or “What strategies are best for online escape rooms?”, then these tailored tips are just for you.

Understanding the Rules and Objectives – Diving head-first into online group escape rooms is tempting, but pause and grasp the rules first. Each game might have its unique quirks or mechanics, so a clear understanding sets the foundation for a successful escape.

The Power of Teamwork and Communication – Especially true for online multiplayer escape rooms, communication is your most potent tool. Share discoveries, brainstorm solutions together, and ensure everyone’s voice is heard. The collective intelligence of a group often unravels puzzles faster.

Keep An Eye On The Clock – Time is of the essence. Set up regular time checks or assign someone the role of timekeeper. This not only builds tension but also helps in prioritising tasks.

Harness In-Game Hints and Tips – Stuck at a particular challenge? Don’t hesitate to use in-game hints. These nudges can guide your strategy and keep up the momentum, essential for online group escape room experiences.

Organise Clearly and Efficiently – Online escape rooms for groups demand clarity. Designate roles if possible: a note-taker, a timekeeper, or a communicator. Having a semblance of organisation can be the difference between escaping and running out of time.

Remember, whether you’re a duo or tackling challenges in online group escape rooms, the journey, the shared laughs, and the ‘aha!’ moments are as rewarding as the escape itself.

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Modern Trends in Online Escape Games

Online escape games have rapidly evolved, emphasising collaborative and immersive group adventures. Recent years have seen a surge in their popularity, particularly for socialising and team-building from afar. It’s not merely about puzzle-solving, but the shared experiences and camaraderie enjoyed when navigating these virtual challenges with friends. 

Modern Genius Escape Game

Based inside the mysterious mansion of billionaire Ilan Tusk, you’ll be guided by the AI butler, Alfred, as you uncover clues to Tusk’s groundbreaking invention, and work to rescue him for a potential hefty reward. Play collaboratively through video conferencing. Just one team member needs to screen-share. As far as online escape room games are concerned, this one is on the pricier end, currently at $49.

Learn more on Modern Genius here

Lost In The Arctic Escape

Your team must uncover the mystery behind the Arctic Outpost crew’s sudden radio silence. Traverse Arctic locales, crack puzzles, and win the game. Tread cautiously, as their findings appear otherworldly.

Learn more on Lost in the Arctic here

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Virtual escape games have surged in popularity recently, transforming digital entertainment and offering a unique medium for people to connect and share experiences despite physical barriers. They present an array of themes and challenges suitable for both newcomers and avid fans. Readers are encouraged to explore these virtual adventures and share their findings, as the digital world continually presents new puzzles and mysteries to decode.

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Online Escape Room FAQs

We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions on the best virtual escape rooms, which will hopefully answer any further queries you may have:

Are online escape rooms as engaging as physical ones?

While online escape rooms offer a different experience from physical ones, many find them equally engaging. The best online escape rooms provide captivating narratives, intricate puzzles, and immersive visuals. The convenience of playing from home and the ability to connect with friends or colleagues remotely adds a unique dimension to the experience.

How do I choose the best online escape room for me?

It’s essential to consider your preferences. If you have a favourite theme or narrative (e.g., historical, futuristic, detective), look for rooms that offer that. Read reviews, consider the difficulty level, and perhaps try a demo if available. Additionally, some platforms provide user ratings and feedback, which can be instrumental in making a choice.

Do I need any special software or hardware to play online escape rooms?

Most online escape rooms are accessible through web browsers, so no special software is usually required. However, some might offer a more immersive experience with VR (Virtual Reality) capabilities, which would require compatible VR hardware. Always check the specifications and requirements on the escape room’s website before purchasing or signing up.

Can I play online escape rooms with friends or colleagues who are in different locations?

Absolutely! One of the significant advantages of online escape rooms is the ability to play remotely. Many platforms allow for multiple players to join a game from different locations, making it an excellent option for virtual team building or just catching up with friends.

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