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Try to escape before time runs out, solve your mission, find the clues, explore the themes, and most of all, have fun! Available for companies, families, friends, Team building events and even a hen party, tons of players have chosen our escape rooms at Exciting Game as they offer a good challenge and a fun day out.

For amazing escape live rooms, online rooms, scary Escape Rooms or paper based rooms, speak to our team today.

Escape room games are like stepping inside a movie where you and your team are the heroes of the story. Our Escape Rooms Birmingham, you won’t need any pre-knowledge to escape the room; you’ll only need your wits and to be ready to have fun.

Room escape games are perfect to create valuable memories with your friends and family. Exciting Game experiences will get your heart pounding while saving the world from an evil cult or stealing a diamond as your race against the clock.

We offer three highly rated escape room games in West Midlands Whether you are just after some light-hearted fun with the family or want to be scared out of your socks in our horror-themed escape game, we have something to offer to your team.

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Simple, you and your team enter one of the escape rooms, you’ll get the rules of the room explained by one of our game masters, then you get locked in for an hour and have to solve puzzles to escape. Don’t worry; you’re not locked in, but for the game, you must tackle well-designed puzzles to escape whilst having great fun.

For our live escape room UK, we have three games to choose from. Each has great puzzles and is family-friendly; we have a nice mixture of more scary rooms and more adventure-style rooms, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a fun game with a games master to help you enjoy your experience. We also offer a range of online games, which are so much fun for remote workers.

Gather your team, and just like a live-action online escape game, you’ll have a themed adventure with a time limit to solve puzzles and find clues as a group with the goal of escaping the room. The difference is that it takes place in a video call. Our team will orchestrate the call and set up the event for you, which means remote friends and workers can access great games without travelling.

Escape rooms are all about having so much fun. The idea is that you should be comfortable, so wear what makes you feel comfortable. You won’t be doing anything too physical, but having a good sense of movement and freedom is helpful. When that clock starts ticking, you want to be able to move around easily, so some pants, comfy shoes, and a comfortable top are essential. Although you can wear anything, whatever you feel the most comfortable in is key.


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